Was that necessary?

I am currently in the best relationship I could have ever dreamed of or even ask for, and it just so happens to be with my best friend. His name is Jordan.  We met online through a game & I have known Jordan for a little under 2 years now.  We started dating April 16, 2013.

At the time, we both weren’t interested in having another long distance relationship since we both have already experienced how ‘well’ those worked out in the past. Yet, something special was there. We use to talk every now and then when we were busy with school or work, just catching up and seeing how everything is going with one another. I lost touch with him around November-January, we were both just really busy. The time differences didn’t help either! March rolled around and we started talking on a regular basis once again. Ever since I met Jordan, I always had this ‘crush’ on him.  Jordan is so amazing in so many ways and I am very lucky to have someone who genuinely loves me the way I am. He does so much for me and I am so grateful to have such an amazing and talented man!

Our relationship is perfect to us, in every way possible and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Everything about it seems normal to us, if you just look past the fact that we are on opposite sides of the world. Yes, we are in a long distance relationship (LDR). I live in the USA while he lives in Australia. We both are very happy being able to be with one another, even if we are so far apart, we do all we can to spend time with one another. We talk every day/night, text, play games, watch movies, and even fall asleep together on skype. We get a lot of support from our families and friends, it helps a lot! Although, there are a few out there that see it differently. I want to be able to share my side of this beautiful relationship, as well as the daily struggles that I have had to face.

When Jordan and I started dating back in April, things really started looking up for me. He made me so happy (and still does everyday!), and I had gotten a new job closer to my house which was awesome since the job I had at the time was pretty far considering I had to take public transportation to get there on most days.

My new job kept me busy pretty much the entire time I was working my shift. I am generally pretty quite around new people. After the first few months at this place, I found out who I could stand talking to and who I couldn’t. I would get harassed by this one guy every couple of days. He would always say such terrible things to me like, “You’re a terrible worker!” or “You’re an idiot.” for no reason at all. I never talked to him, mainly because he was so mean to me. I use to come home crying to Jordan frequently after work. Sometimes even during my shift. As time went on, a few of them had learned that I was going to Australia in December for a vacation. They also found out that I had a boyfriend. Of course, knowing what kind of people I worked with, I always tried to find loop holes in our conversations so they wouldn’t know that I was in a LDR. I figured that only close friends are the ones who really matter to me and who should know such things like that.

One of my shifts,  I had to close at work with one of my co-workers I had made some-what friends with. He would ask me questions about Jordan like, “Why doesn’t your boyfriend come to the store to see you?”. At that moment, I paused and replied “Because…”. Then he had asked me, “Does he not live here…?” and that’s when I felt like I had been caught so I had replied with, “Shouldn’t it be obvious? Why do you think I am going to Australia?”. He seemed puzzled at first and then shocked shortly after.
After that night, everything at worked pretty much changed, and not for the better. Between September and October, I would constantly be asked when I was going to Australia, so I would say “December 29th…”. The usual reply was “Oh, she’s going down under!!”. Some would ask me, “Haven’t you seen that show on Mtv, Catfish? How do you know he is who he really says he is? Catfish! Catfish!!”, or simply be told, “You’re going to end up getting your organs harvested there, good luck!”. Normally I would be angry and just not say anything at work. Sometimes I would even just brush it off by the time I got home, but unfortunately it became harder and harder as those comments became more frequent. The more they would say that to me, the more it hurt each time. It hurt to the point that I didn’t know what else to do but sob myself to sleep while talking to Jordan about it. I know it probably mad him really upset and possibly even angry that this was happening to me and that he couldn’t get it to stop, so he did his very best and was there for me through it all.

What I can’t understand is why do people think it is okay to be so mean to someone they barely know? How is it okay to poke at someone’s personal or love life and make it seem like one big joke to everyone, especially right in front of that person? It is humiliating and extremely hurtful. Most probably wouldn’t do the same if two people were dating, who happened to live in the same city at the time, and one was forced to move away, therefor making it a long distance relationship. So, why does being in a different country matter? Just because you haven’t physically seen or touched that other person, but only seen each others faces through skype using webcams? Sending pictures to one another?
Long distance relationships are not that uncommon anymore. There are some cases that are dangerous, but again, it is not an uncommon thing for two people to be far away from one another and end up being in love. I have experienced both long distance relationships as well as dating someone who lived in the same city as I have. Notice that the in-person relationships didn’t last either, in fact, some of them were possibly the worst experience I have ever had in my life, thus far.
It’s hard enough being far away from the one I love, but having all those terrible things said to me does make it a lot harder on me stress and emotional wise, but I would never give up on Jordan or our relationship for anything or anyone else in the world.

I love you with all my heart Jordan Trudgett, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or appreciate everything you do for me. You are the best thing to ever happen to me and I would do anything to make you happy, as you do for me.


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  1. ok read both posts and i have a few words to say!
    sorry to hear that about your coworkers. i don’t understand why people can be that mean… but all the best to you and your trip c; if you ever need any tips or anything on traveling or feel nervous bout it feel free to contact me~IsladPine
    as for traveling and harvesting organs shet… lets be srs now. your not going to some third world country. your going to aussie. the country known for peace. i dont think there’ll be anything bad and i also dont think traveling is dangerous if you know where your traveling too. I mean ive been traveling since i was a baby `.` and like..by travel i mean fly across the world. it use to take like 20+ hours now its jst 18hrs to fly across the world. and im still alive. so im pretty sure it’s not that dangerous meeting new people and stuff if people ever tell you you suck or what not that just means one thing. they’re jealous and insecure. they’re jealous of what you have and they don’t have the courage to do what you’re doing. ;3 and as for ldr’s i think it really depends on the people, success rates might not be high but that certainly doesn’t mean its not possible. with the correct nurturing of a relationship it can be just as good or even better than “normal” romantic relationships people have
    P.s~ nice blog i like it c; i’ll be looking forward to info and stories about your trip ^-^

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