Australian Adventure

Sunset over Sydney Harbor

If you asked me back in 2008, ” where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say other than I hopefully would be done with college, and be working in the field I studied in.  I did indeed graduate from college with my associates degree in Medical Assisting, that’s for sure, but I had no idea that I would be heading all the way across the world for three months at the end of 2013! 

I never really thought much about actually traveling to other countries, mainly because I was always told how dangerous every country I wanted to visit was ”so dangerous”. Not only that, it costs a lot! I am still in shock that I get the opportunity to visit Australia, and at a pretty young age at that. I figured I wouldn’t be able to travel internationally till I was at least in my 40’s. Jordan and I have been planning this trip since May 2013, and look it’s already almost November, eek!!
I was originally planning on staying for 2 weeks, but luckily I’ve been given the chance to stay for practically 3 months! First international trip and I get to stay for 3 months? How often do you hear about opportunities like that? I’ve been counting down since 150 days left until I left and now, it’s down to 64 days! The time it’ll take me to get to Australia is going to be roughly 22 hours, yikes! It’ll all be worth it though :). What a way to start off 2014 with the man I love♥.

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